Sunday, September 30, 2012

Easy Money

Please note that all names are change to protect the guilty.


Many years ago, I worked for a local company that owned a landfill and a scrapyard. Normally I did light bookkeeping at the main scrapyard office. But occasionally I ran the garbage truck scales out at the landfill when the clerk called in sick.

One day an old flat bed truck drove on to the scales. It was weighted down with two feet tall of iron pipe on the flat bed or about $100 dollars of scrap iron.

The driver came over to service window, inquired how much we would charge him to dump all of his scrape iron. I carefully explained our rates for dumping in the landfill. The driver thought for a moment than asked if we gave discounts.

I politely reply, no, but about 10 miles down the road there was a scrapyard that would be happy to buy his iron pipe and scrape iron.

To my surprise the driver shook his head, left to right and then he explained that was too far the drive.

I remember standing there with disbelieve for a moment, for my that is my company's scrapyard, the one I just drove from this morning to the landfill. Was too far the drive?

"So be it !" I thought to myself. Now when a country boy says "So be it," You can usually hear, feel and see the sandbag falling at the person he just said that to, but this guy stood there. No lighting bolt or sandbag from the sky hit him.

I must have turn away from the service window because i found myself staring at the long green 40-yard metal dumper box sitting half way between the landfill office and the landfill.

Suddenly I had a plan.

I turn back to the service window and the driver. I remember saying that, I knew my manager did not really what any iron pipe in his landfill because one pipe disable a Caterpillar D8 bulldozer last week- it rip out the oil pan-, but I would let him dump the iron pile for free where that long green metal dumper box was sitting. The driver said, "okay, but he need some help unloading the pipe."

I nodded and told him let me call my boss.

"Mikey," I began, "I have problem. There is flat bed truck loaded down scrap pipe and iron on the scales and the driver dose not what to drive to the scrapyard. I known you do not what the pipe in the landfill, because the damage it could do to the D8 bulldozer, so he is willing to dump it at the green 40-yard metal dumper box but he needs some help unloading it. please advise."

Like bees to honey, Mikey and Eddy, the number #2 boss, came running and unload the truck. After the truck drove off, Mikey took green 40-yard metal dumper box to the scrapyard and got paid cash for his hard earned work.

Each one of the landfill crew was handed $20 extra bucks that day. Of course, the office, me, as not the landfill crew therefore received nothing.

Well--- all most nothing. ;-)

Mikey came back to the landfill office and handed me - $10 dollars.

A little while later, Eddy did the same and handed me -$10 dollars.

And then Big John show up and handed me another - $10 dollars.

As I said, "Easy Money"


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark now playing at Starplex's Lake Jackson Brazos Stadium 14

Habitat House 84 photos

The first of the Habitat House 84 photos are posted to the Internet. The House build is sponsored by the Dow Chemical Co. Freeport, Texas.

This is a ten day build, Thursday though Saturday, then Monday to Saturday. Landscaping will be finished later in the month.

I hope to shoot most of the mornings before I run off to work and then post the photos to my blog. later that night.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Neil Armstrong

On July 21, 1969, I was listing to Neil Armstrong as commander of Apollo 11 and Buzz Aldrin, lunar module pilot land the Eagle on the Moon. I remember thinking the future of man spaceflight is here.

Boy was I wrong.

Little did I know that only 12 men would walk on the Moon. Neil Armstrong was the first. And twelve men later, Eugene Cernan was the last person in history to walk on the lunar surface.

The end of the America space race.

Will future astronauts as they ride other countries rockets into space remember we once controlled the thunder?

Or will they just lick the stamp and asked, Neil who?