Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick and Treat

Happy Halloween

Cathy and I just celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary.

Eighteen years ago, Cathy finally said yes when I asked her to marry me. Our wedding day was cold and wet. But that was okay, because we had planned a nice warm trip to Disney world, Florida where it was going to be sunny and warm, right? . Wrong! It was about 50 degrees and wet. It did not rain a lot but just enough too keep everything wet. But we made the best of it and enjoyed our selfs.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Habitat for Humanity of Southern Brazoria County

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gift of Art 2011 November 5, 2011

The Gift of Art 2011 will began November 5, 2011 this year. My father and other woodworks of the Brazosport area will donate their woodworking for Habitat for Humanity. silent auction.
The man who you see standing up is Jim Uroda, local woodcarver with my father seated. And Janet Knoh, wearing the purple pants, whose husband is Duane Knoch another local woodworker. This is all part of the Brazosport Art League who will run the silent auction for Habitat. Several members of the Art League are also members of Habitat, or one of three woodworking club in the Brazosport area or all of them.

Also on November 5, 2011 is the Habitat penny walk a.k.a."Walk for Habitat". This walk will include students from all of southern Brazosport area.

On October 18, 2011 my father his operation. This was the carotid artery unplugging, His carotid artery was about 80 per cent plugged and need to be unplugged soon. The week before my sister, Elizabeth back down to Lake Jackson to help out with mother and then my two other brothers, Frank and Steven, also arrived to help out replacing Elizabeth.The hospital kick Dad out on Thursday, 20 and Frank and Steven cooked some shell Macaroni.
The following Saturday Frank and Steven left for home. and drove Dad around town shopping.Later on this week Dad will be able drive. So "we" dodge another bullet.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My late great Birthday

Well I survived other birthday this week. My brother-in-law, Al and his wife, sent me $30 Amazon Gift card. Which i planned to put the good use- buying Amazon books!

For dinner we went back to Yang Tze River Chinese Restaurant in Clute Texas. Many years ago we use to go their to eat dinner, but after i got down sized by Dow Chemical Co. we stopped going there. A few months ago we were going to go to an other restaurant next door to Yang Tze River with a friend when we discovered that it was close for the evening. The Co-owner of the Yang Tze River Chinese Restaurant invited us in for a meal. They had recently bought the place from the former owners in February and were now managing it. Our Friend it turns out had been there recently and had left little origami bears he made using with one dollar bills. And the owners want us to get in touch with him to replace one of the origami bears that managed to walk off. He will be by in a few days to replace it.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

October 9, 2011

My Nikon D60 flash is broken. While I was shooting the Habitat House 80 build this weekend, dropped my camera on to the drought harden Texas soil. Now the build in flash does not communicate with the camera. I have already sent it off to the Nikon Service Center in California. So for the next few weeks I will be using my old Canon A530 . It is a good 5.0 mega-pixels camera, with a 4x optical zoom, point and shoot.

Dad has started his fall garden. He is planting beans, tomatoes, and pepper so far.

He is also working on a woodworking project for Habitat for Humanity of Southern Brazoria County and the Brazosport Art League. Each year my father makes items which they auction off at the Art League silent auction for Habitat for Humanity.

This year my father decide on making candy trays. My sister, Elizabeth, painted the center of tray as a finishing touch. You can see more of my Dad's woodworking at my Flickr web page.

One of the Lake Jacksons' Habitat volunteer's has written a book called Lake Jackson (Images of America) [Paperback] by Harry Sargent. It is the history of Lake Jackson with pictures and captions to the present day. Note it is only 128 pages long. It is on my wish list to read.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I am posting photos from Habitat for Humanity of Southern Brazoria County House 80. Also I am posting a photo of Dad working.
Here is a man, who is 80 years old and three weeks ago had a stroke and now is running around building a Habitat house. So when i said Dad is fine- believe me!

Well the month of October is here.Which means cooler weather is here too stay. 80's degree weather instead of 90+ weather. Of course for Dad- a fall garden. I have not asked him what he plans to plant this year, but I am sure it will include tomatoes, peppers, just to name a few items.

Have a great Day.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

On the week September, 27 the Habitat for Humanity of Southern Brazoria County began building House 80. This is a ten day build
with the Brazosport Rotary Club. Of course, I am only person who dose not know what the Rotary Club does or why it differs from let us said the Lions Club. But i do not plan to asked them. I am just glad they are here to help.

Some of the photos House 80 shot by Mike Heather, a Habitat Team Leader on my Flickr Habitat for Humanity of Southern Brazoria County photo link. Other photos may said "Copyright Mike Heather" but other Habitat volunteers shot the them.

Please notice Mike's all weather head gear. With the 90+ degree temperature he is staying cool.

As you may notice I am getting better with HTML coding. It is still a trial of errors but I am working it.

The new Amazon Kindle are out, The Amazon Kindle Fire looks nice, but rumor has it some else will be come out in the 1st Quarter of next year.

Time will tell.