Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Vality 40 years ago

Vality “So Vality employees can spend Christmas Eve home with their families! This store was now closed!” Bill Levin, the Vality Store President, voice repeated for the second time within the past hour. The sun had set into the hills of Montville across the Thames River beyond Gales Ferry. The cold winter wind sweep down Dragon hill and across Vality’s parking lot, with snow flurries dancing in arctic wind.

Bill Levin’s voice had to bounce off the giant five panes of glass windows with their two dozen or so artificial squares with the fake froze sprayed in each bottom right hand corner. Back to the “Ski” store, for he had used the sound intercom in the courtesy booth, to make his announcement, so voice boom threw out the four corners of the store. “So Vality employees can spend Christmas Eve home with their families! This store was now closed!”

But his words fall on deaf ears as the customers continued to shop. It was about this time, Mr. Grillo sent me from the Camera Department out into the snow to help clear the parking lot of shopping carts.

It had been snowing all day long. Now after the sun had set, winter winds still blowing snow flurries around. I push my first dozen or so of shopping carts in the store, passed the courtesy booth, turning at the Jewelry counter and down the middle of the store. Then a hard right into the railing was facing the snack bar. It did not matter where the first shopping carts landed, because the second group of carts would push them in to place. It was only as I left the second group of carts I heard Bill Levin yelled at me, “Come on, Bartolomeo! Push those cars, Bartolomeo!” I quickly fled back into the park lot and turned with more carts. “Come on, Bartolomeo! Push those cars, Bartolomeo!” Levin’s voiced egg me on. Bang! The Third group of carts, now one row of carts was done. Now for the second row of carts, “Come on, Bartolomeo! Push those cars, Bartolomeo!” Mr. Levin’s voice was beginning to piss me off. Bang! Second…and third groups of carts, “Come on, Bartolomeo! Push those cars, Bartolomeo!” Bang! Finally the group of carts I ram home as Bill Levin called out. “Come on, Bartolomeo! Push those cars, Bartolomeo! Let’s moving it, Bartolomeo!”

By now I was becoming really pissed as I rammed home the last group of shopping carts. I was tired and going on 50+ hour that week, but there was Bill Levin still egging me on. I look across the shopping carts at Bill Levin standing at the snack bar with most of the Vality management staff and his wife and two step kids. For reasons only know to God and maybe Charles Dickens, I called out to Bill Levin in my best fake English accent, “Merry Christmas, Ebenezer!” And then I left to get more shopping carts.

Maybe I just too tired the think, or just too tired to care at the time, but it never occur to me called the president of store, “Ebenezer!” was not a good thing to do. Never mind I did not called him, “Ebenezer Scrooge!” just “Ebenezer!” which looking back these forty years maybe, just maybe I could apologize and say I am sorry. But that was not in the cards that Christmas Eve.

Being Eighteen or Nineteen years ago at the time, I wore the blind faith of native stupid around my neck. So as I pushed the next group of cart into the store, Mr. Bill Levin standing there by the jewelry cases. Now maybe I really did not care or I as just too tired to care when he started with, “Bartolomeo! I am going to fix you! So you can not call me a cheap Son of Bitch!”

Why I did not keep my mouth shut I will never know. Maybe it was the stupidly of youth shining through. Instead my mouth was running on autopilot. “Sir, I never, ever called you cheap!” Which was true I never called Mr. Levin “cheap”. Nor did I ever called him a SOB, either seem to get lost there, too. But I will never know what he was going to say next, because Mr. Levin had spun around and called out, “Grillo, come talk to your employee!”

Now the idea that I had crossed the line somehow slowly began to dawn on me. Like the Ghost of Christmas Past Grillo descended upon me. He basically told me to behave myself and quit picking on Mr. Levin. Then he returned to the Christmas party. But yet his eyes, I swear, were laughing at me as he left.

The next two gentlemen I ran into by the greeting card display were not Ghost of Christmas Present. Nor they were any other Christmas spirit. Somewhere in their childhood someone had stolen their sense of Christmas spirit. And that saddens me.

By the time I reached the Camera Department ran into The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. With his reading glass on his head, he was picking on Ralph, the Camera manager. He told me to behave my self and not to pick on Mr. Levin. Then he invited Ralph to join the Christmas party. He also told me to get out of my wet snow coat and join the Christmas party, which I did.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Starplex Cinemas 14 Christmas party

Starplex Cinemas 14 had its Christmas party last night, MIDNIGHT! It was okay, but I wished that I had not gone. Not many people attended, only two dozen employees and no guests. :-(

The food was what locals call Tex-Mexican Cuisine, some enchilada, and tamale with rice & refried beans. [I was glad that I brought a pound of cooked shrimp to this feast. I ate the last few of the shrimp before the kids ate the rest of them.] I only stay a hour and before headed home to bed.


Sadly to say but someone stole one of our Chipmunks display. Yes, Some customer [I presumed, a customer and not employee] stole Simon, the older Chipmunk early last week. The really sad thing is watching all of the little kids standing around of their mother takes their picture with the two other remaining Chipmunks knowing that we are missing Simon. Ah, yes the wonders of the I-pod !


All three of our Chipmunks display are gone!

The sad thing is after a week or two, the person who stole them will trash them because they are now bored with the them.


Stop giving me crap for Christmas

Friday, December 9, 2011

Mythbusters "zero", Age of Sail "one"

A few years ago the TV series "Mythbusters" proved that a cannonball passing though a ship wooden wall could not shower people down range with deadly splinter of wood. Of course, even after the show aired, Age of Sail students still disagreed with the TV show, just maybe they had seen this video,"USS Niagara Live Fire Demonstration" Courtesy of You Tube and Uss

What do you thing? ;-)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Festival of Lights 2011 is over. It is not part of habitat for humanity, but members of Habitat
gather together and celebrate the Festival. The Festival of Lights is a day long event ending with a parade. I shot the parade at night. [Yes, the parade is at night] We, the Habitat for Humanity group, had hamburgers and drinks before the parade started. As you can see from the photo, our Restore truck was in the parade. Several local groups are in the parade, four area High Schools, the four volunteer Fire Departments and several dozen business. I post the photos to

Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick and Treat

Happy Halloween

Cathy and I just celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary.

Eighteen years ago, Cathy finally said yes when I asked her to marry me. Our wedding day was cold and wet. But that was okay, because we had planned a nice warm trip to Disney world, Florida where it was going to be sunny and warm, right? . Wrong! It was about 50 degrees and wet. It did not rain a lot but just enough too keep everything wet. But we made the best of it and enjoyed our selfs.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gift of Art 2011 November 5, 2011

The Gift of Art 2011 will began November 5, 2011 this year. My father and other woodworks of the Brazosport area will donate their woodworking for Habitat for Humanity. silent auction.
The man who you see standing up is Jim Uroda, local woodcarver with my father seated. And Janet Knoh, wearing the purple pants, whose husband is Duane Knoch another local woodworker. This is all part of the Brazosport Art League who will run the silent auction for Habitat. Several members of the Art League are also members of Habitat, or one of three woodworking club in the Brazosport area or all of them.

Also on November 5, 2011 is the Habitat penny walk a.k.a."Walk for Habitat". This walk will include students from all of southern Brazosport area.

On October 18, 2011 my father his operation. This was the carotid artery unplugging, His carotid artery was about 80 per cent plugged and need to be unplugged soon. The week before my sister, Elizabeth back down to Lake Jackson to help out with mother and then my two other brothers, Frank and Steven, also arrived to help out replacing Elizabeth.The hospital kick Dad out on Thursday, 20 and Frank and Steven cooked some shell Macaroni.
The following Saturday Frank and Steven left for home. and drove Dad around town shopping.Later on this week Dad will be able drive. So "we" dodge another bullet.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

My late great Birthday

Well I survived other birthday this week. My brother-in-law, Al and his wife, sent me $30 Amazon Gift card. Which i planned to put the good use- buying Amazon books!

For dinner we went back to Yang Tze River Chinese Restaurant in Clute Texas. Many years ago we use to go their to eat dinner, but after i got down sized by Dow Chemical Co. we stopped going there. A few months ago we were going to go to an other restaurant next door to Yang Tze River with a friend when we discovered that it was close for the evening. The Co-owner of the Yang Tze River Chinese Restaurant invited us in for a meal. They had recently bought the place from the former owners in February and were now managing it. Our Friend it turns out had been there recently and had left little origami bears he made using with one dollar bills. And the owners want us to get in touch with him to replace one of the origami bears that managed to walk off. He will be by in a few days to replace it.


Sunday, October 9, 2011

October 9, 2011

My Nikon D60 flash is broken. While I was shooting the Habitat House 80 build this weekend, dropped my camera on to the drought harden Texas soil. Now the build in flash does not communicate with the camera. I have already sent it off to the Nikon Service Center in California. So for the next few weeks I will be using my old Canon A530 . It is a good 5.0 mega-pixels camera, with a 4x optical zoom, point and shoot.

Dad has started his fall garden. He is planting beans, tomatoes, and pepper so far.

He is also working on a woodworking project for Habitat for Humanity of Southern Brazoria County and the Brazosport Art League. Each year my father makes items which they auction off at the Art League silent auction for Habitat for Humanity.

This year my father decide on making candy trays. My sister, Elizabeth, painted the center of tray as a finishing touch. You can see more of my Dad's woodworking at my Flickr web page.

One of the Lake Jacksons' Habitat volunteer's has written a book called Lake Jackson (Images of America) [Paperback] by Harry Sargent. It is the history of Lake Jackson with pictures and captions to the present day. Note it is only 128 pages long. It is on my wish list to read.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I am posting photos from Habitat for Humanity of Southern Brazoria County House 80. Also I am posting a photo of Dad working.
Here is a man, who is 80 years old and three weeks ago had a stroke and now is running around building a Habitat house. So when i said Dad is fine- believe me!

Well the month of October is here.Which means cooler weather is here too stay. 80's degree weather instead of 90+ weather. Of course for Dad- a fall garden. I have not asked him what he plans to plant this year, but I am sure it will include tomatoes, peppers, just to name a few items.

Have a great Day.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

On the week September, 27 the Habitat for Humanity of Southern Brazoria County began building House 80. This is a ten day build
with the Brazosport Rotary Club. Of course, I am only person who dose not know what the Rotary Club does or why it differs from let us said the Lions Club. But i do not plan to asked them. I am just glad they are here to help.

Some of the photos House 80 shot by Mike Heather, a Habitat Team Leader on my Flickr Habitat for Humanity of Southern Brazoria County photo link. Other photos may said "Copyright Mike Heather" but other Habitat volunteers shot the them.

Please notice Mike's all weather head gear. With the 90+ degree temperature he is staying cool.

As you may notice I am getting better with HTML coding. It is still a trial of errors but I am working it.

The new Amazon Kindle are out, The Amazon Kindle Fire looks nice, but rumor has it some else will be come out in the 1st Quarter of next year.

Time will tell.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

To our local newspaper: the Facts. Please note the Starplex Cinemas add that today, Sept 26, 2011 in your newspaper was the Starplex Cinemas add that ran on Sept 2010 ! Can we get a refund for your Mistake? Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NBC NEWS- Will they ever get it right?

NBC News - Please compare heights of George Washington and San Jacinto monuments.

The Washington Monument [555 feet 51⁄8 inches] is the third tallest monumental column in the world after the San Jacinto Monument [567.31-foot] in Texas and the Juche Tower in North Korea.

Which mean ONLY in Washington D.C. is the Washington Monuments is the tallest monument.

Facts checking...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Last weekend we received about one inch of rain. it slow fell from the sky, filling the lakes with one rain drop at a time, and wetting the ground. The rain fell soaking only top layer of hard Texas soil then it stop. The city of Lake Jackson is only nine inch below the yearly average this year. I guess we are slowly catching up to normal.

The are reports of people are stealing bales of hay threw out parts of Texas and the Oklahoma area. Bales of hay normal run about $25 dollars a bale, now running for $175 dollars a bale this year. Which means beef and milk prices will be going up soon, again.

One of my father's friends, Kelton Thomson, was mentioned in the "Dow Friends". The Dow Friends is a company magazine that mentions all the good things that former Dow Employees are doing today. Kelton is a Habitat For Humanity volunteer, as well as member of Brazosport Bicycle Club . The picture to the right is Kelton Thomson.

As some of you know the father had a micro stroke two weeks age, HE IS FINE! And is home from the Hospital. He had been fishing with Jeff Stultz, his fishing buddy. and he returned home I noticed some problems, but thought it was heat stroke. However, next day I took him to the ER and they ran test and they kept him over night. The next morning they release him And my brother, Stephen and sister, Elizabeth, brought him home that morning.

The good side of all that is we now have a local agency checking in on my mother and help her out, too.

Please notice on Tuesday, after been release the Hospital that Saturday, Dad and I drove Elizabeth to the Hobby [Houston] Airport, 45 minutes drive away from Lake Jackson.And then he drove back home. I rode shotgun both ways.

Again, Dad is fine. He needs to do some more test. [He did the Transesophageal Echocardiography and is fine. ] And is driving me crazy. ;-)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

Legate, I had the news last night—my cohort ordered home By ships to Portus Itius and thence by road to Rome. I've marched the companies aboard, the arms are stowed below: Now let another take my sword. Command me not to go!

I've served in Britain forty years, from Vectis to the Wall, I have none other home than this, nor any life at all. Last night I did not understand, but, now the hour draws near That calls me to my native land, I feel that land is here.

Here where men say my name was made, here where my work was done; Here where my dearest dead are laid—my wife—my wife and son; Here where time, custom, grief and toil, age, memory, service, love, Have rooted me in British soil. Ah, how can I remove?

For me this land, that sea, these airs, those folk and fields surffice. What purple Southern pomp can match our changeful Northern skies, Black with December snows unshed or pearled with August haze— The clanging arch of steel-grey March, or June's long-lighted days?

You'll follow widening Rhodanus till vine an olive lean Aslant before the sunny breeze that sweeps Nemausus clean To Arelate's triple gate; but let me linger on, Here where our stiff-necked British oaks confront Euroclydon!

You'll take the old Aurelian Road through shore-descending pines Where, blue as any peacock's neck, the Tyrrhene Ocean shines. You'll go where laurel crowns are won, but—will you e'er forget The scent of hawthorn in the sun, or bracken in the wet?

Let me work here for Britain's sake—at any task you will— A marsh to drain, a road to make or native troops to drill. Some Western camp (I know the Pict) or granite Border keep, Mid seas of heather derelict, where our old messmates sleep.

Legate, I come to you in tears—My cohort ordered home! I've served in Britain forty years. What should I do in Rome? Here is my heart, my soul, my mind—the only life I know. I cannot leave it all behind. Command me not to go!

Rudyard Kipling

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Standard orbit, Mr. Sulu.

Jedi kittens

Obituary for Michael Stern Hart, the invention of eBooks

From Project Gutenberg, the first producer of free ebooks.

Obituary for Michael Stern Hart

Michael Stern Hart was born in Tacoma, Washington on March 8, 1947. He died on September 6, 2011 in his home in Urbana, Illinois, at the age of 64. His is survived by his mother, Alice, and brother, Bennett. Michael was an Eagle Scout (Urbana Troop 6 and Explorer Post 12), and served in the Army in Korea during the Vietnam era.

Hart was best known for his 1971 invention of electronic books, or eBooks. He founded Project Gutenberg, which is recognized as one of the earliest and longest-lasting online literary projects. He often told this story of how he had the idea for eBooks. He had been granted access to significant computing power at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. On July 4 1971, after being inspired by a free printed copy of the U.S. Declaration of Independence, he decided to type the text into a computer, and to transmit it to other users on the computer network. From this beginning, the digitization and distribution of literature was to be Hart's life's work, spanning over 40 years.

Hart was an ardent technologist and futurist. A lifetime tinkerer, he acquired hands-on expertise with the technologies of the day: radio, hi-fi stereo, video equipment, and of course computers. He constantly looked into the future, to anticipate technological advances. One of his favorite speculations was that someday, everyone would be able to have their own copy of the Project Gutenberg collection or whatever subset desired. This vision came true, thanks to the advent of large inexpensive computer disk drives, and to the ubiquity of portable mobile devices, such as cell phones.

Hart also predicted the enhancement of automatic translation, which would provide all of the world's literature in over a hundred languages. While this goal has not yet been reached, by the time of his death Project Gutenberg hosted eBooks in 60 different languages, and was frequently highlighted as one of the best Internet-based resources.

A lifetime intellectual, Hart was inspired by his parents, both professors at the University of Illinois, to seek truth and to question authority. One of his favorite recent quotes, credited to George Bernard Shaw, is characteristic of his approach to life:

"Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world. Unreasonable

people attempt to adapt the world to themselves. All progress,

therefore, depends on unreasonable people."

Michael prided himself on being unreasonable, and only in the later years of life did he mellow sufficiently to occasionally refrain from debate. Yet, his passion for life, and all the things in it, never abated.

Frugal to a fault, Michael glided through life with many possessions and friends, but very few expenses. He used home remedies rather than seeing doctors. He fixed his own house and car. He built many computers, stereos, and other gear, often from discarded components.

Michael S. Hart left a major mark on the world. The invention of eBooks was not simply a technological innovation or precursor to the modern information environment. A more correct understanding is that eBooks are an efficient and effective way of unlimited free distribution of literature. Access to eBooks can thus provide opportunity for increased literacy. Literacy, and the ideas contained in literature, creates opportunity.

In July 2011, Michael wrote these words, which summarize his goals and his lasting legacy: “One thing about eBooks that most people haven't thought much is that eBooks are the very first thing that we're all able to have as much as we want other than air. Think about that for a moment and you realize we are in the right job." He had this advice for those seeking to make literature available to all people, especially children:

"Learning is its own reward. Nothing I can

say is better than that."

Michael is remembered as a dear friend, who sacrificed personal luxury to fight for literacy, and for preservation of public domain rights and resources, towards the greater good.

This obituary is granted to the public domain by its author, Dr. Gregory B. Newby

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Well it is still hot in Texas. It is only 96F degrees in the shade here, but with 37 humidity. Of course, it is 101F degrees Austin the state capital. It is interesting to listen other folks complain about their regional high or lows of their states temperature as they bring blankets into the movie theater because it is too cold in the theater- 72F degrees.

There is great movie out called "The Help" . The story is about African American maids working in white households in Jackson, Mississippi during the early 1960s. I hope you enjoy it.\

The city of Lake Jackson is continuing their Highway construction. Have a great day.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene is hitting New York – which is about 1500 miles away-at the moment, a lot of wind and rain. We in Texas could use that rain right now because we are in the middle of a drought season. The city of Lake Jackson, Phase II “requires that water customers limit their use of water for irrigation and other discretionary uses to alternate days, with even numbered addresses watering on even numbered dates and odd numbered addresses watering on odd numbered dates.” Of course, this dose not stops my father from watering his garden from Oyster Creek!

At this time I am not sure what vegetable my planing to grow this fall, but can see some green peppers growing there. My peach wine is going fine. It’s up to 9 per cent alcohol and taste a little bitter, but I will add some more sugar and make it taste better. It still has away to go. :-)

I was amused the other day when I had to explain to a coworker that there are more than two types of Teas in the world. I quickly found myself talking about the different kinds of Black Tea, Green Tea, Oolong tea, and White Tea before I realized that he mean –Hot Tea and Iced Tea. [By the way- Iced Tea first appear in the USA during the 1860s.]

Cathy is making some Iced Tea, so I will be drinking it soon. Her computer caught a virus and she had Jim, a friend and local computer people clean it out, twice, before he killed it. So her computer is running okay. The Library is fine. The local government library a.k.a. Cathy’s bosses were running around tried to stop waste of public funds and of course make the library system look good. This reminds me of the days when Dow Chemical Co. was cutting back on spending. Several people came running down stairs to informed the mail room it cheaper to put the Dow Mail on to the DowAirplane and fly the company mail to Midland, Michigan than the way we was doing it. How much was using the Dow Airplane? $100.00 dollar US. Vs. the Local US Post Office: $25.00 dollar US. Oh, the mail service was already delivering the mail cheap than their brilliant idea. The difference did not stop other people suggestion how they brilliant idea could save the “Mail System” Company money.

In the end, management replaced everyone with contractors. These folk had no loyalty to Dow. And did not know who is who at Dow. Three years later, Dow management had to hired Dow employees to run the mail room.

Will they ever learned!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It is still hot in Texas. My sister, Elizabeth, and her husband, John, and their kids just returned from New England a few days ago. And discovered what hot really like, no central air conditioner units. My brother home was build like most homes in Connecticut with no central air conditioner units. Fortunately he has several window units which made the house cooler at night. Or course, there is the backyard swimming pool to stay cool in. On Sunday July 31[?], My brother, Bruce, had cook out in his back yard. My older brother Frank, his wife, and daughter; Al Perrino, his wife and kids; my sister and her husband, and their kids, then Bruce, his wife and kids. Elizabeth, John and the kids also visited New York City, [Note: John, New York City is not part of New England. New England is the region of the six states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.], in the state of New York, part of Mid-Atlantic states. I have post the photos on Flickr. Com.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Good by my friend, my Canon AE-1.

Well I did it. Since 1978 I have shoot pictures with a Canon AE-1, a 35-mm film single-lens reflex (SLR) camera. [SLR means you can see though the lens.] And it has been a great camera.  But over years, my camera gear, camera books, and film negatives began multiply all over the place. Plus the cost of paying for film development was becoming prohibitively expensive.
In 1999 I received for Christmas my first digital camera. It was JVC GC-S1U with a 10X zoom. It died a few years later. But I always kept using the Canon AE-1 camera.
Finally about two years ago, after two or three more digital cameras, I received a Nikon D60, a Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera for Christmas. It is great camera with auto focus, which is a plus for me.  But my Canon AE-1 camera sat ready in the corner unused.
And I never picked it up again. Therefore I needed to get rid of the Canon, But who? I could have sold it on Ebay, and received some money, but then would the new owners love my camera?  I wanted to find someone in our family or a friend perhaps, who would enjoy shooting pictures, to enjoy using the Canon AE-1.  After checking with one of my brother, I shipped the Canon AE-1 off to him and he will forward it to a good home.  To someone in the family who like capture memories. Good by my friend, my Canon AE-1.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Starplex 10 35mm projector, Lake Jackson Texas
Had a busy week this week, I just finished shipping all of ours 35mm movie projectors to Columbia South America. That is all 14 of 35mm movie projectors to some where in Columbia South America. John, the salesman for the South America company and Bruce, the Starplex Cinemas rep came to Lake Jackson, Texas to dismantle the equipment.  Over the next 5 days with me getting me getting up 4:00 in the morning and working to 6:00 in the evening. Now for those people who know me, 4:00 o’clock is in the middle of the night. Or not 8:00 AM in the morning with the bird chirruping away outsides, or the radio blasting away!
 John, the sales rep claimed he that he had experience breaking down the projectors and shipping them off the South America, but he must had an off week here. First he planned to hire some illegal aliens, but our management said, NO! [Thank you, Mr Starplex Cinemas, Sir.] Which I believed why Bruce, the Starplex rep, was present in Lake Jackson during the week, Just to keep a eye on things and I was glad he was here.  Instead John hired some local pizza delivery boys to do the job. He started with 6 boys and ended up with 3 boys by the time they were done. I think the boys discovery that dismantling 1200 pounds of  movie projectors, not counting moving around 6 foot platters was not an easy job. BTW- 1200 pounds for each of the 14 projectors! Wish the sales rep had hired some guys from MANPOWER, INC. a world leader in employment services. But not my responsibly, thanks you, Bruce.

So the Starplex Cinemas is now free of all its 35mm equipment and just running on the Digital projectors.  And John is off to Columbia South America. Now back to watching “Captain America”

35mm film projector and platter. Lake Jackson Texas
Note on the Daniel Silva interview please pull the tab to about 13:00 minutes in the interview. The first 13 minutes is local stuff NOT part of the interview. Thanks Marc

Watch live streaming video from danielsilva at

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Becky Dorroh going away party

Cathy and I just got back from Becky Dorroh going away party. Just about 40 years ago when I moved back to Lake Jackson, TX., I first met Becky as we both applied for the manager job at Waldenbooks’ in the Brazos Mall. Becky got the job. And I became the Camera and Electronics manager at H. J. Wilson’s, a catalog showroom store. Over the next 30 years, Cathy, Becky and I stay friends until Becky left that job to open Bookenders, an independent bookstore.  For the next five years, she and her business partner ran the bookstore. Then one day her business partner suddenly announced she was withdrawing her money from the business.  Thus closing the business for good.
A few months ago, Becky got job offer to work for manager of a collage bookstore. But she would have to move to Kentucky for 6-months of training, [Because she was a Waldenbooks manager, it only 6 months of training, not the 2 years of training normal required.]   The company is buying up all old collage bookstore once own by Waldenbooks.
From there she will find a collage bookstore managers job.
We wish her well!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Last October, my father bought me Amazon Kindle.  At first I read all the free e-books on it, Sherlock Holmes, etc.  Most of the famous Author, [The year 1923 is the cut off point for this year, 2011 or 75 years later], books published before this date are copywrite free.  Therefore, Amazon can sell them for free.
That’s right for free.
So I have download all of the Sherlock Holmes book’s, etc. But pay for the Daniel Silva books “Gabriel Allon” novels.

But then I discovered that that you can get rid of the standard Amazon Kindle Screensaver, Mark Twain or Jane Austin, etc. And I began to replace them with photos I shot or with photo off the Internet.

So right am posting some of these pictures to this blog.


Some more Kindle screensavers

Friday, July 8, 2011

A few months ago, this strange device appeared in the Starplex Cinemas lobby. It is not Starplex’s But the local Lake Jackson, Texas, Brazo Mall’s. It is a Hurricane Simulator! For $2.00 dollars US, it was blow air at you, while showing you video of a Hurricane.  WOW!  Of course they could go to the restrooms at Starplex Cinemas and for FREE, the hand dryers will blow dry air at you with much force than the Hurricane Simulator. But of course not as long as the Hurricane Simulator, But is it free.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day by Day


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 3D

Good morning July 3, 2011

Good morning
The reason I am not using the old Blog is that I could not update its format.  Therefore I started a blog “Bartolomeos in Texas”.  I do not know what path it will follow, but we shall see.
Today's temperature is 94 degrees.   Sunny here in Lake Jackson, Texas.  Due to the drought will be no fireworks tomorrow tonight. The state of Texas is still working on the over path though Lake Jackson. I hope to take some pictures of it soon.
Susan Chappel
Of course, I am still working the movie theater. The summer’s rush has started.  A lot of good movies, Green Lantern, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Mr. Popper's Penguins, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2 3D is coming soon.
Cathy is still working at the local library. One of her co-workers, Susan Chappel, retired last month.