Sunday, October 2, 2011

On the week September, 27 the Habitat for Humanity of Southern Brazoria County began building House 80. This is a ten day build
with the Brazosport Rotary Club. Of course, I am only person who dose not know what the Rotary Club does or why it differs from let us said the Lions Club. But i do not plan to asked them. I am just glad they are here to help.

Some of the photos House 80 shot by Mike Heather, a Habitat Team Leader on my Flickr Habitat for Humanity of Southern Brazoria County photo link. Other photos may said "Copyright Mike Heather" but other Habitat volunteers shot the them.

Please notice Mike's all weather head gear. With the 90+ degree temperature he is staying cool.

As you may notice I am getting better with HTML coding. It is still a trial of errors but I am working it.

The new Amazon Kindle are out, The Amazon Kindle Fire looks nice, but rumor has it some else will be come out in the 1st Quarter of next year.

Time will tell.