Saturday, October 15, 2011

My late great Birthday

Well I survived other birthday this week. My brother-in-law, Al and his wife, sent me $30 Amazon Gift card. Which i planned to put the good use- buying Amazon books!

For dinner we went back to Yang Tze River Chinese Restaurant in Clute Texas. Many years ago we use to go their to eat dinner, but after i got down sized by Dow Chemical Co. we stopped going there. A few months ago we were going to go to an other restaurant next door to Yang Tze River with a friend when we discovered that it was close for the evening. The Co-owner of the Yang Tze River Chinese Restaurant invited us in for a meal. They had recently bought the place from the former owners in February and were now managing it. Our Friend it turns out had been there recently and had left little origami bears he made using with one dollar bills. And the owners want us to get in touch with him to replace one of the origami bears that managed to walk off. He will be by in a few days to replace it.