Sunday, July 24, 2011

Good by my friend, my Canon AE-1.

Well I did it. Since 1978 I have shoot pictures with a Canon AE-1, a 35-mm film single-lens reflex (SLR) camera. [SLR means you can see though the lens.] And it has been a great camera.  But over years, my camera gear, camera books, and film negatives began multiply all over the place. Plus the cost of paying for film development was becoming prohibitively expensive.
In 1999 I received for Christmas my first digital camera. It was JVC GC-S1U with a 10X zoom. It died a few years later. But I always kept using the Canon AE-1 camera.
Finally about two years ago, after two or three more digital cameras, I received a Nikon D60, a Digital Single-Lens Reflex camera for Christmas. It is great camera with auto focus, which is a plus for me.  But my Canon AE-1 camera sat ready in the corner unused.
And I never picked it up again. Therefore I needed to get rid of the Canon, But who? I could have sold it on Ebay, and received some money, but then would the new owners love my camera?  I wanted to find someone in our family or a friend perhaps, who would enjoy shooting pictures, to enjoy using the Canon AE-1.  After checking with one of my brother, I shipped the Canon AE-1 off to him and he will forward it to a good home.  To someone in the family who like capture memories. Good by my friend, my Canon AE-1.