Saturday, July 23, 2011

Starplex 10 35mm projector, Lake Jackson Texas
Had a busy week this week, I just finished shipping all of ours 35mm movie projectors to Columbia South America. That is all 14 of 35mm movie projectors to some where in Columbia South America. John, the salesman for the South America company and Bruce, the Starplex Cinemas rep came to Lake Jackson, Texas to dismantle the equipment.  Over the next 5 days with me getting me getting up 4:00 in the morning and working to 6:00 in the evening. Now for those people who know me, 4:00 o’clock is in the middle of the night. Or not 8:00 AM in the morning with the bird chirruping away outsides, or the radio blasting away!
 John, the sales rep claimed he that he had experience breaking down the projectors and shipping them off the South America, but he must had an off week here. First he planned to hire some illegal aliens, but our management said, NO! [Thank you, Mr Starplex Cinemas, Sir.] Which I believed why Bruce, the Starplex rep, was present in Lake Jackson during the week, Just to keep a eye on things and I was glad he was here.  Instead John hired some local pizza delivery boys to do the job. He started with 6 boys and ended up with 3 boys by the time they were done. I think the boys discovery that dismantling 1200 pounds of  movie projectors, not counting moving around 6 foot platters was not an easy job. BTW- 1200 pounds for each of the 14 projectors! Wish the sales rep had hired some guys from MANPOWER, INC. a world leader in employment services. But not my responsibly, thanks you, Bruce.

So the Starplex Cinemas is now free of all its 35mm equipment and just running on the Digital projectors.  And John is off to Columbia South America. Now back to watching “Captain America”

35mm film projector and platter. Lake Jackson Texas