Sunday, July 10, 2011

Becky Dorroh going away party

Cathy and I just got back from Becky Dorroh going away party. Just about 40 years ago when I moved back to Lake Jackson, TX., I first met Becky as we both applied for the manager job at Waldenbooks’ in the Brazos Mall. Becky got the job. And I became the Camera and Electronics manager at H. J. Wilson’s, a catalog showroom store. Over the next 30 years, Cathy, Becky and I stay friends until Becky left that job to open Bookenders, an independent bookstore.  For the next five years, she and her business partner ran the bookstore. Then one day her business partner suddenly announced she was withdrawing her money from the business.  Thus closing the business for good.
A few months ago, Becky got job offer to work for manager of a collage bookstore. But she would have to move to Kentucky for 6-months of training, [Because she was a Waldenbooks manager, it only 6 months of training, not the 2 years of training normal required.]   The company is buying up all old collage bookstore once own by Waldenbooks.
From there she will find a collage bookstore managers job.
We wish her well!