Sunday, September 25, 2011

Last weekend we received about one inch of rain. it slow fell from the sky, filling the lakes with one rain drop at a time, and wetting the ground. The rain fell soaking only top layer of hard Texas soil then it stop. The city of Lake Jackson is only nine inch below the yearly average this year. I guess we are slowly catching up to normal.

The are reports of people are stealing bales of hay threw out parts of Texas and the Oklahoma area. Bales of hay normal run about $25 dollars a bale, now running for $175 dollars a bale this year. Which means beef and milk prices will be going up soon, again.

One of my father's friends, Kelton Thomson, was mentioned in the "Dow Friends". The Dow Friends is a company magazine that mentions all the good things that former Dow Employees are doing today. Kelton is a Habitat For Humanity volunteer, as well as member of Brazosport Bicycle Club . The picture to the right is Kelton Thomson.

As some of you know the father had a micro stroke two weeks age, HE IS FINE! And is home from the Hospital. He had been fishing with Jeff Stultz, his fishing buddy. and he returned home I noticed some problems, but thought it was heat stroke. However, next day I took him to the ER and they ran test and they kept him over night. The next morning they release him And my brother, Stephen and sister, Elizabeth, brought him home that morning.

The good side of all that is we now have a local agency checking in on my mother and help her out, too.

Please notice on Tuesday, after been release the Hospital that Saturday, Dad and I drove Elizabeth to the Hobby [Houston] Airport, 45 minutes drive away from Lake Jackson.And then he drove back home. I rode shotgun both ways.

Again, Dad is fine. He needs to do some more test. [He did the Transesophageal Echocardiography and is fine. ] And is driving me crazy. ;-)