Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saint Arnold Brewing Company

One of the Houston Radio talk show Host tells the story that he was visiting Saint Arnold Brewing Company a local beer brewery one day, when a customer asked the owner, Brock Wagner, why did not Saint Arnold make "lite beer".

Brock Wagner stared at the guy with disbelieve for a moment. Then he grabbed beer mug and filled it half way with water and then filled the rest of it Saint Arnold's beer. After mixing the water and the beer together, he served it the customer.

The customer stare at the "lite beer" for a moment, and then at Block, then the customer tasted 'lite beer. Brock Wagner said to customer, "That is what 'lite beer' is. Half water and half beer." Then the customer apologized to Brock Wagner. Saint Arnold has no plans ever to make "lite beer".

The picture to the right is "Saint Arnold Fancy Lawnmower Beer" one of the several beer that Saint Arnold makes. It's also my wife favorite beer.

Also for the kids [and kids of all age] Saint Arnold makes rootbeer, too. Their root beer is may real cane sugar and not corn syrup which give it a real root beer taste.