Sunday, December 29, 2013

Thank you, Mr. UPS Delivery man

Today in the news, companies like UPS and Amazon are getting hammered late Christmas deliveries.[U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal] was among the few politicians joining the hammering. Never mind I always order early when I do the Christmas shopping and realize that the closer to Christmas when you order increases the chances you gift WILL be late for Christmas.

Where I am employ at we had different experience with

It was late Monday afternoon, a few days before Christmas, the Christmas season movie traffic had finally pick up. I was at my usually place, tearing movie tickets and directing the movie customers to their theaters when I spotted brown uniform dodging and weaving though the crowd he would have a Texan running back proud. It was our former UPS deliveryman and in his hand was our - our very late- Deluxe Movie box.

With strong steady stride he strolled up and thrust the Movie Box into my face,"This." he waved the box."was somehow put on my truck." he announced, then spun the box and scanned the ID tag into his UPS data pad. Then he place the box into the floor and handed me the word pad, which I quickly signed and then he was off with his UPS data pad in hand

Dodging and weaving out the door he went back to his new route, only then I remembered to call out. "Thank you, Mr UPS Delivery man!"

Slowly as my one of my managers walk up and pick up the Deluxe Movie box, I began to realize what the UPS Delivery man said,"This was somehow put on my truck." He had ridden 10 miles out of his way to the correct error. Instead of going back to the UPS truck barn and let some else delivery it the next day.

Customer Service !

"Thank you, Mr UPS Delivery man!"